Letters To The Editor

We appreciate all the Letters to the Editor that have supported Sue. Here's just a few.


Stop Veto-ville, Vote Democrat

(The Caledonia Record - October 20, 2020)


To the Editor:

I’m voting Democrat up and down the ticket and asking you to do the same. New Hampshire has been standing still under Gov. Sununu and his vetoes: 86 of them this year alone. It makes no sense. It’s holding us back. We need a new Governor (Dan Feltes) and, no matter what, Democrats need a veto-proof majority in the House and Senate. That means electing Sue Ford to represent us in Senate District 1 (and Rep. Denny Ruprecht to fill her seat in House District 3), and re-electing Representatives Linda Massimilla, Elaine Hedden French and Sally Sherrard.

How can we make progress when all Republicans do is say “no” to everything that could help North Country families live better lives? How did positives like a good education, living wage, paid family and medical leave and affordable health insurance become negatives? I think they strengthen families. I don’t relish paying taxes. But it’s what we do as a society. And let’s face it. We pay one way or another. Let’s do it by investing in people up front so that they can become educated, healthy and productive citizens (taxpayers) later.

The North Country could and should be a place where people and families want to live, where they can work and be educated remotely when necessary or desired, not a place that doesn’t even have decent landline service — forget broadband. How does that support families, businesses and a vibrant economy?

It seems the only idea NH Republicans have is to have the Republican State Committee send out nasty flyers about Sue Ford, who has worked hard for eight years in the House and now wants to serve us in Senate District 1 (Grafton and Coos). It’s a dead giveaway that they have no solutions. Vote Democrat on November 3 or sooner.

Cheryl Jensen

Bethlehem, N. H.


Sue Ford for NH Senate


(The Littleton Courier - October 21, 2020)

To the Editor:
Sue Ford is running as a Democrat for election to the New Hampshire Senate representing District 1. Senate District 1 is a huge district comprised of all Coos County and northern Grafton, and includes all local towns.

Sue has spent a lifetime in the service of others. She has been a teacher and school principal, and CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) volunteer for abused or neglected children. She is completing her fourth term as a NH Democrat State Representative from Grafton District 3. During her

terms as a State Rep, she has served as Democratic Floor Leader, and Chair of the Division 2 Finance Committee, She is a former Chair of the Grafton County Democrats, and was a strong opponent of Northern Pass.

Sue Ford has been a strong advocate for the best interests of children, and has fought for more money for our public schools. She supports establishing a state-sponsored competitive marketplace to lower the cost of prescription drugs, and supports programs for opioid adiction prevention and rehabilitation, and HIV/AIDS treatment and rehab programs.

She has been a strong advocate for an independent redistricting commission to establish fair, non-Gerrymandered election districts, (which, unfortunately, Gov. Sununu vetoed). Sue is opposed to any state income or sales tax.

Sue Ford has been a conscientious and capable legislator during her four terms as a State Representative. She has earned our support of her candidacy for the NH Senate. She has my vote, and I hope that she has yours!

Bob Craven



Top Ten Reasons


(The Littleton Courier - October 21, 2020)

To the Editor:
Here are my top ten reasons to vote for Sue Ford

this November. She is running for New Hampshire Senate District 1, the largest (and best) of the senate districts in the state. I hope you will vote for her, too.

1. She is excellent at representing all her constituents in the North Country, not just her friends and donors.

2. She understands how to effectively navigate Concord. Having invested four terms as a successful State Representative, she is dedicated to this role and her constituents know she is reliable.

3. She is practical and realistic about the North Country’s culture and needs. For example, she stood tall against Northern Pass.

4. She is easy to talk to, approachable about the issues, is willing to research what she doesn’t know, and promptly responds to phone calls from constituents.

5. She is kind, courteous, respectful, has a great sense of humor and a sincere laugh. She misses civility in Concord and wants to bring it back into fashion.

6. She will keep taxes and spending in check; she knows how to balance budgets and focus on what really matters.
7. She knows the value of quality education, having devoted her career in public schools. Students in our region should not compromise on their opportunities because the funding equation caters to wealthier towns and burdens us with unmanageable property taxes.

8. She supports issues that are important to us: improved healthcare accessibility and lower costs; expanding treatment options for substance abuse addiction; boosting our economy in forward-looking markets such as clean energy, conservation, and expanded broadband; and advocating for desperately needed infrastructure projects.

9. We need a Blue veto-proof majority in Concord to support the future success of the North Country. Voting rights, gerrymandering, and the census are all interconnected and this next biennium in New Hampshire will make or break us.

10. More than anything, in this time of COVID-19, toxic partisanship, and chaos, Sue Ford will help clean up the mess, reunite us, and improve our lives.

Laura Richardson



Vote Sue Ford

(The Littleton Courier - October 21, 2020)

To the Editor:
I will be proud to cast my vote for Sue Ford on Tuesday, Nov. 3. Rep. Sue Ford (D) has been a tireless champion for our community and its residents and, if elected to the New Hampshire Senate to represent District 1, Sue will be able to advocate for even more of our North Country neighbors. Of the many ways Sue supports members of our community, I have been most impressed with how she assists young

people. As an educator, I know first hand that Sue is constantly making sure that our local young people are able to take advantage of opportunities available to them; she has written numerous letters of recommendation that have helped our students acquire highly competitive internship positions. Because Sue worked over four decades as an educator and administrator, she understands not only the importance of opportunities for young people but also the systems and obstacles that can hinder some of our most disadvantaged kids and how to address them. Sue is not only a Court Appointed SpecialAdvocate, but also co-sponsored a bill that is now law that would allow children in foster care to receive needed social services until they are 21 rather than 18.

Sue Ford knows what matters to North Country families and small businesses and how to best advocate for us in Concord. She will not only continue to represent us, she will fight for us, our children, and our communities. I hope you will join me in voting for Sue Ford on Nov. 3.


Jill Brewer






(The Colebrook Chronicle - October 16th, 2020

Letter to the Editor:    

Northern Coos County Democratic Committee members are backing Dan Feltes for Governor and Sue Ford for State Senate. New Hampshire desperately needs a change. Our opposition to Chris Sununu and Erin Hennessey is centered on their direct support and indirect enabling of the Trump Presidency. It is also based on their refusal to condemn his outrageous policies, behaviors and lies. Ask Sununu and Hennessey directly what they think of Trump’s performance. They won’t say one word against him. While their political styles and personalities differ from Trump, their political agendas are way too close for comfort.


The fact is that Sununu has vetoed a great many bipartisan bills passed by the New Hampshire legislature that were intended to help Northern New Hampshire working families, who are struggling to make ends meet during this horrid pandemic.


One such example is the sad saga of New Hampshire’s mini-mum wage law which has languished at $7.25 an hour since 2008. This compares with $10.96 in Vermont and $12.00 in Maine. A bill to increase the New Hampshire minimum wage to $10 as of 2021 was opposed by Erin Hennessey. Both Dan Feltes and Sue Ford voted in favor of the increase and the bill was passed by a bipartisan vote of the legislature. What happened next? Sununu vetoed it.


Our stagnant minimum wage hurts all of us. It reduces disposable income, drives workers out of the state and places added stress on families who are trying to make ends meet on far too little income during the pandemic. This is not how we want to treat our essential workers and entry level young men and women in Northern Coos. Where is the dignity of work in this? It is an outrage.


We need to put a new Governor in office who will do the right thing by offering a ray of hope to working families. Keep in mind that Sununu supported Northern Pass that would have trashed our beautiful landscapes in northern Coos County. Keep in mind that Sununu says he isa Trump guy “through and through.” Keep in mind that Sununu has taken three annual wage increases totaling over $30,000 while serving as Governor. Keep in mind that Erin Hennessey actually voted against increasing the minimum wage in New Hampshire.


We proudly endorse Dan Feltes for Governor and Sue Ford for New Hampshire Senate. They will do the right thing for our families and workers.


Dick Harris

Cynthia Gale Harris

Wendy Baker

Bill Sambito

David Herres

Bernice Christianson

Howard Christianson


                          Sue Ford Is For Us


(The Colebrook Chronicle- October 16, 2020)

To the Editor:

I am writing to you in support of my friend, Sue Ford, to represent District 1 in the NH Senate. I’ve known Sue for many years, I’ve traveled many roads with her, and she has proven to be the best kind of reliable friend. Unfailing in her support, always there when I need her, willing to stand up for me and to stand by me through thick and thin.

This is exactly the kind of friend the North Country needs in Concord.

Sue knows us. She cares about us. She understands the issues we face and the concerns we have. The skills and connections developed during her time as an elected Representative in Concord prepare her to act on our behalf in a strategic and effective manner.

Over the past decade, I was deeply involved in fighting Northern Pass. I know many of you, and you know me, from the time we spent working together to ward off that threat to our land and our homes.

Almost every elected official in the North Country publicly opposed the project, including her present opponent. So, I do not bring it up to show that Sue is worthy of your support due to her opposition. I bring it up to illustrate Sue’s commitment to a fight, her resilience, resourcefulness and tenacity.

We who worked together to defeat Northern Pass did so across every conceivable line – we were Democrats and Republicans, old and young, professional and blue collar, old-timers and newcomers, up and down the income scale – and we did it in harmony. Sue brought that energy to Concord.

Frankly, in the early days of our opposition, there were Democrats in Concord who were not with us. Sue was not one of them. She made it her business to educate the members of her own party about the issues and the impacts. In the end she brought many of her Democratic colleagues around to our side, resulting in a bipartisan list of over 60 legislators who filed as interveners in the SEC docket. She was relentless in her efforts to inform and persuade elected officials in Concord. Her success at persuading reluctant members of her own party to see it through North Country eyes was remarkable.

Republicans did not escape her notice either. Reform of the SEC, which was in my opinion the main reason we were successful, was a bipartisan effort involving both parties. Sue was one of the drivers of this effort. She managed to work with Republicans and Democrats to bring about significant changes to the SEC rules. These changes vastly increased the role of the public in the deliberations. The hearings that were held around the state, the public testimony, and the criteria that included things like visual impact were all due to this reform.

Sue manages to work with both sides of the aisle and this is an extremely rare and precious trait.

Watching her, I learned that Sue is a person you just don’t say no to. She went to Concord every day wearing a No Northern Pass button and brought it up with everyone she met. She’s kind of an Energizer Bunny, she just doesn’t stop.

Here’s the bottom line. Sue will go to bat for us every day. She will be relentless in her efforts to persuade her colleagues to act in our best interests. Whether it is broadband access, education funding, health care access, economic development or any other issue, Sue will be there for us and she will get the job done.

I don’t think you could ask for a better person to look out for us in Concord.

Nancy Martland

Sugar Hill, N. H.



Voting for Ford and Other Democrats

(The Union Leader - October 15, 2020)

To the Editor:

I’m voting for Sue Ford, Democratic candidate for state Senate District 1 (Coos and Grafton) and other Democrats on the ballot, including Edith Tucker, running for District 5 in the House. Priorities they share will benefit North Country residents and others.

Ford supports strengthening public education. She wants North Country children to get equal educational opportunity. She supports policies changing the way education is funded, easing the property tax burden. Last session, she supported the Commission to Study School Funding. She will be needed as the Legislature tries to implement its recommendations.

Ford has significant budgeting experience as a school administrator and in her eight years in the House. The state has a tough task grappling with competing budget priorities. We need her skills finding the right path to fairly fund North Country needs.

She will work hard to ensure all residents have access to good health care, whether supplied via employers, Medicaid, Medicare, or the Affordable Care Act. This is particularly important due to COVID.

Let’s not forget those struggling with addiction. Ford supports expanding treatment options to fight opioid addiction and implementing substance abuse education in schools. Let’s decrease addiction by preventing it before it starts! Ford also co-sponsored a bill so that foster children can receive critical services until they turn 21.

Ford will work for a living wage for all. No one can support a family on $7.25 an hour; people should not have to work two or three jobs. North Country workers deserve decent pay.




Choice is Ours

(The Littleton Courier  - October, 14, 2020)

I am guessing that we are all sick and tired of politics at their worst and are looking forward to being on the other side of November 3rd. This election cycle has brought out the best and the worst in politics, but the worst has dropped to lows that we couldn't have imagined, and hopefully will not be exposed to again in our lifetimes. And that is where we have the power. 

    On a national, regional and local level, the stooping has been consistent, exhausting and impossible to avoid. Unfounded claims have been made about candidates in all three races in NH. This is typical of the tactics that the Trump campaign uses. If you label the other side, whether honestly or not, eventually, with enough repetition, the label sticks, an association is made. It's bad enough that we must endure this on national and state levels, but it feels like a toxic invasion when it happens on our home front. 

    There have now been three different tactics used (that I am aware of) to bash Sue Ford who is running as the Democratic candidate for to be the State Senator for District 1 in NH, our district. The first occurred before the primaries, when I received a "polling" call. I was assured that it was a neutral poll when I asked, and when it clearly favored Democratic positions, I stopped it, and was told to see it out. It then did a complete turn-around and bashed Sue Ford, while praising Erin Hennessey. This technique is referred to as pacing and leading, and is sheer manipulation. I was so surprised that the NH Republican Party would invest in this tactic on a local race. The second sleazy ploy in this race was to mail out a flyer to voters in the district that slammed Sue Ford. Just imagine how many people received this and took it as the truth. And just imagine how much money the NH Republican Party spent on pure negative politics during this time of crisis and stress. And the third attack angle is currently happening on social media. An ad on the New Hampshire Senate Republicans Facebook page attacks Sue Ford, and if explored, one can see that it is "Paid for by NH Senate Republicans PAC, Chuck Morse, Chairman". Morse is the current NH Senate Minority leader. The ad features a website that is anti-Sue Ford and attacks her for voting for the Family Medical Leave Act, a protection that seems especially timely during these pandemic times. It also attacks her for standing against School Choice, which is being promoted by Frank Edelblut, NH's version of Betsy DeVos, a move that would drain funds from NH public schools, and possibly put our tax dollars into supporting religious schools. It's difficult to imagine that Erin Hennessey is unaware of the tone of her campaign, and has no say in its direction. "I approve this message" used to follow campaign ads, and if candidates don't approve the message, and the means, then are we voting for a candidate, or the powers that control them?

    Sue Ford's campaign, by comparison, has been clean, thankfully. She runs on her record of having been an elected Representative to Concord for the North Country, and it's quite a commendable record. She worked hard in that role, and voted in ways that supported the people of the North Country. It is telling that the NH Republican Party is targeting her so lavishly. They are clearly threatened by her candidacy in this race. The unfortunate component, however, is that instead of promoting Erin Hennessey, they are attacking Sue Ford. Isn't this exactly the sort of campaign that is exhausting and demoralizing us? And can't they think of anything positive to say about Erin? 

    Voting is the most important way that we can express ourselves in a democracy. It is the pivot point of the system. We vote for the candidate who we believe will do the best job. In voting, we are not only supporting the candidate, but also the means in which they are presented in their campaign and the tone of the campaign itself. A vote for a candidate is also a vote reinforcing the strategy and tone used. The question here is whether we want to validate and reward dirty politics and thus perpetuate them, or whether we want to invest in a candidate who has proven herself to be worthy of our votes and has not stooped to new and demoralizing lows. It would seem like enough is enough when it comes to toxicity of attack politics, and if we are ever going to move on, we must invest our votes in a direction that promises growth and a return to civility. A vote for Sue Ford is a vote for just this, and will also send the message to the Republican Party  and its local candidate, Erin Hennessey, that we do not support dirty politics, and that it is time to move on. In doing this, we will have hit our low as a country and a region, and can rediscover mutual respect and cooperation.


Thank you,


Lucy Golden, Franconia, NH


Sue Ford Has the Depth and Breadth of Experience


(The Berlin Sun - October 12, 2020)

Sue Ford has the depth and breadth of experience to represent Coos County citizens in the NH Senate. She has been in the House for eight years, she has been active within the north country as an educator and community organizer, and she has studied issues and listened to the challenges of my neighbors.

We met in 2018, while I was starting a primary write in campaign for the Senate District #1 position.   I was impressed then by Sue's expertise, wrestling the State Budget and her background in school administration.  Sue Ford and I have met several times since then to discuss leadership, laws, and regulations promoted by the NH Senate and House.  Sue will advocate for the Valley's best interests.

I have met her opponents. They, too, have recently attended to the business of the House and Senate.  They have shown tendencies to follow the leader in the corner office without regard to its impact on Coos County’s future.  

My vote is for "hope" that the North Country I love is available and affordable for my children and grandchildren to enjoy.  I have voted absentee for Sue Ford for NH Senator District #1 because she will defend reproductive rights, voting rights, the natural environment, the public schools, our safety, our small business community and most importantly the Androscoggin Valley.

Kathleen Kelley,

Candidate for Coos County Register of Deeds 

Randolph, NH 


Ford Understands the Needs of Rural Residents

(The Littleton Courier- September 30, 2020)

To the Editor

In the upcoming General Election, I urge you to vote for Sue Ford, Democratic candidate for the District 1 seat in the New Hampshire State Senate. For the past ten years, Sue Ford has worked tirelessly for her Northern Grafton County constituents as a member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives. I know, without a doubt, that she will provide the same exemplary service to her current and new constituents in Grafton and Coos Counties when she is elected on November 3rd. Sue knows that trusted and reliable leadership at the state level is required to navigate an unprecedented public health crisis and the worst economic recession since the Great Recession.

Sue understands the importance of New Hampshire residents having access to affordable health care either through Medicare and Medicaid, employer-based health insurance, or individual coverage through the Health Insurance Exchange. She also knows that maintaining the Health Insurance Exchange as well as maintaining permanent Medicaid Expansion for all eligible New Hampshire adults is contingent on preserving the Affordable Care Act (ACA) at the federal level. Sue believes that all of us should have the security of being able to access health care when we need it and that a serious illness or an accident should not bankrupt us; nor should pre-conditions preclude access to affordable insurance and care.

Sue also knows that leaders who understand the unique challenges of New Hampshire’s rural population are critical, now more than ever, as rural communities face new tests in providing affordable broadband internet service for both school children and working adults; jobs that pay a livable wage, access to affordable health care for all residents — including an obligation to protect reproductive health care — insurance coverage for behavioral health issues and substance misuse treatment as well as other critical issues facing New Hampshire’s rural residents.

When you vote for Sue Ford, you are voting for the health, safety, education, economic growth and myriad other items of critical importance to rural New Hampshire and all of New Hampshire. We need Sue Ford in the New Hampshire State Senate. Vote for her on November 3rd.


Katharine Terrie

Littleton, N. H.


Ford for Clean, Renewable Energy


(The Littleton Courier- September 30, 2020)


To the Editor:

If you want the best for the North Country, you will vote for Sue Ford for State Senator for District #1. Sue is one of the hardest working Representatives in the Legislature. She has tenaciously represented and responded to her constituents, being often compared to Ray Burton for that. After her many successful years in the House, Sue is running for the Senate to bring a strong voice for the North Country to a seat where virtually nothing has been accomplished over the last two years in areas critical to us.

Sue’s depth of experience in education both as a teacher and as a principal drive her passion for child development, school funding and the safety and security of children. I have seen other recent testimonials to her important activism against Northern Pass and her commitment to garnering high speed broadband throughout the North Country. Consistent with Sue’s opposition to Northern Pass is a drive to aid economic development and preserve our high quality of living — as well as our attraction to tourists — by moving to clean renewable energy.

Governor Sununu vetoed several bills that would have expanded the availability of net metering (from 1KW to 5KW) in New Hampshire allowing municipalities and businesses to benefit from reduced energy costs and alleviating the burden on property taxpayers. At the time of his most recent veto, there were over 100 major solar projects being considered in virtually every county in the state. They were all affected by the potential for net metering. The veto and inability to override it will negatively impact at least half of them. Sue Ford is committed to continuing the fight for net metering expansion and to encouraging the development of renewable energy, clean tech jobs, and a 21st century energy infrastructure in New Hampshire. We need her voice for the North Country.

Chuck Phillips

Co-founder Ammonoosuc Regional Energy Team

Bethlehem, N. H.


Sue Ford for New Hampshire State Senate (District 1)


(The Littleton Courier September 23, 2020)

I worked closely with Sue Ford throughout the nearly decade-long battle against Northern Pass--she was the House Representative for the town I lived in in northern Grafton County (Easton) for most of it--and what I learned about Sue during that period convinces me that she is the best choice to advocate for the interests of the North Country as our District 1 State Senator.

Arguably, Northern Pass is the most critical issue that confronted District 1 in the last decade. It is therefore a valid measuring stick by which to evaluate the candidates who will represent the North Country in the problems we'll inevitably face in the next decade. On that score alone, Sue Ford deserves your vote. She recognized the threat of Northern Pass early, made a commitment to oppose the overhead line long before it was politically safe to do so, fought consistently and effectively against it, and sponsored significant bipartisan legislation that played a major role in our success. If you don't know or can't remember what a North Country legislator did to block Northern Pass, that should cause you concern.

Sue listens and responds, promptly. She may be a politician now, but she spent 40 years as a highly successful educator, both as a front line classroom teacher and an administrator. You do not survive, much less shine, in either role if you do not listen carefully to your students, their parents, your faculty, and others, and provide prompt feedback based on what you hear. I called Sue in December of 2010 just after I had learned about Northern Pass’s plan to slice through my town with mammoth overhead transmission towers. Sue sat in my living room within the next week, and we discussed the matter for several hours. Before she left, Sue let me know where she stood on Northern Pass, what she would try to do about it as a legislator, and she invited me to keep her abreast of developments. She was on the agenda for the next County Commissioners' meeting to alert them to the problem. I remember thinking to myself that if all of government were as responsive to citizen concerns as Sue was to mine, this country would be in a much better situation than it is today.

During the long Northern Pass saga, Sue stood up again and again and advocated for the North Country and for New Hampshire; she testified at countless hearings, legislative and regulatory meetings. She speaks with confidence and authority--and the facts. You would be proud to have Sue in our corner in the Senate. But Sue also works quietly and unheralded in the background to help a cause succeed. She is a workhorse. Sue will work night and day for our interest whether or not the cameras are rolling.

Sue is issue-driven, not party dependent. The defeat of Northern Pass came about in large part because people of all diversities worked together for a common cause. This is especially important in the North Country; we need a united voice to amplify our concerns to a sometimes indifferent, uninformed downstate audience. I personally witnessed the way in which Sue cooperated with members of the opposite party to fight the overhead project. She and Senator Jeanie Forrester (R), for instance, co-sponsored legislation to bury the line (HB 626) and to designate energy corridors (SB200). Most importantly, Sue's bipartisan work (SB 245) to reform the state siting process to include the public interest, our voices, played a major role in our success. Some think that bipartisanship is now a quaint, dead ideal. Sue Ford has shown that she is not one of them.

If you want an experienced legislator who knows the North Country, who knows how to lead but works collaboratively, who will listen and respond to your concerns, who will work day and night to make your life better, and who has shown that she can work across the aisle, vote for Susan Ford for State Senate District 1. She has already proven her ability to defend the way of life that we in the North Country value most and will do so again as we face inevitable new challenges.

Susan Schibanoff

Sugar Hill, New Hampshire


The choice is clear. Vote for Sue Ford.

(The Caledonia Record - September 22, 2020)

To the Editor:  

Erin Hennessey has a nice smile and a photogenic family, but don’t vote for her based on a

slick photo and empty slogans. Look at her voting record and you’ll see she is not for New Hampshire families or workers.

She voted against paid family leave. She voted against raisingthe minimum wage to a living wage, $10 an hour in 2021 and 2022 and to $12 an hour in 2023. She voted against prohibiting flavoring added to vaping products for persons under 21 years of age which would help prevent young adults from becoming addicted to this harmful product. She voted against the bill that

would make it easier for workers to unionize. She does not want to make it easier for New Hampshire citizens to register to vote.


She voted against automatic voter registration when a person over 18 years gets a driver’s license. She voted against establishing an independent non-partisan commission to establish voting districts which would put an end to gerrymandering and

make elections fairer. She voted against the red flag law which would reduce gun suicides, a common-sense law supported by a majority of Americans.


Sue Ford supported these bills and more, most of them vetoed by Governor Sununu. She is a strong advocate for adequate school funding, unlike the Republicans who cut state school funding thus putting more of a burden on property tax poor rural areas.

Check out her web page: www.sueford4nhsenate1.com The choice is clear. Vote for Sue Ford to represent District 1 in the New Hampshire Senate.



Thomas Meredith

Milan, NH


Sue Ford Understands Our Frustrations

(The Caledonia Record - September 22, 2020)

Letter to the Editor:

I’m one of many North Country residents frustrated by poor service or no service at all when it comes to high-speed Internet and that’s one reason I’m voting for Sue Ford (D) for Senate District 1.


As an Easton resident, Sue Ford understands our frustrations. As a four-term state Representative, she has heard frothe people she represents about lack of access to broadband and troublesome landline and hit-and-miss cell service. Sue says she will be better positioned to fight for improvements as a state Senator after years of the state not dealing with these problems. Sue says there is also a related issue she is determined to tackle: Poor customer service. How could that be changed? By the legislature giving the state’s Public Utilities Commission, PUC, more power. In Maine and Vermont state agencies have the authority to inves-

tigate consumer complaints and require a company to improve. But in 2012 the legislature and then-Governor John Lynch took

away the PUC’s authority to handle many complaints, including those about Internet service.


Sue says getting the legislature to reverse that action would be one of her priorities. She has said that if Maine and Vermont can demand accountability, New Hampshire should, too. COVUD-19 has resulted in more people working from home,remote learning for students and tele-health visits. People would like to live here and start businesses here, but will go elsewhere if we can’t guarantee reliable communications. It’s important to our economic future.


Please vote Sue Ford for Senate District 1 and Rep.

Denny Ruprecht to replace her in House District 3.


Chris Jensen

Bethlehem, N H


Sue Ford is the Best Person to Serve the North Country

(The Littleton Courier September 9, 2020)

To the Editor:

Sue Ford is the best person to serve the people of the North Country in the New Hampshire Senate. No other candidate has the depth of experience that Sue brings to the job. Sue will be our North Country advocate for universally available high speed broadband, property tax relief and real help with attracting and building the businesses that will create jobs with incomes people can live on.


She is passionate about standing up for families and children. After a 40 year career as an educator and administrator Sue continued fighting for kids as a Court Appointed Special Advocate ad Litum (CASA) and an Educational Surrogate. In her 4 terms as a state legislator she has served on Children and Family Law Committee and is the current Chair of the Division II Finance Committee.


She has experience with and understanding of the complex relationship between the current tax structure and the burden it places on school districts and property owners. She was an active and committed opponent to Northern Pass and is in favor of a proposed bill that would prohibit construction of a landfill within two miles of any state park. A bill that would prohibit the Casella proposed landfill within two miles of Forest Lake in Dalton. Sue is compassionate, hard working and available to her constituents.


She has the experience, commitment, and the sensibility needed to take our North Country issues to Concord and make a difference. Vote for one who already has a credible voice in Concord. Sue Ford, more than any other, will get the job done for the North Country.

Betsey Phillips



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