It's All Over But The Vetoes 


It’s all over but the vetoes.  The House and Senate completed their work on June 29th in the Senate and June 30th in the House.  Work on the bills crossing from one chamber to the other came to a screeching halt in March when Covid-19 forced a “stay at home” policy. 


The staff at the NH State House and Legislative Office Building went to work and facilitated Zoom sessions that provided opportunities for the public to listen and participate in hearings.  On June 11th, the House met at the UNH hockey arena – a venue big enough to socially distance.  At that time, there was a bill to change our deadlines, but it failed to get a two-thirds majority and all our pending House bills failed.  


Then the Senate met, passed its bills, and added many of the House bills as amendments to their bills.  This meant that when the bills came to the House, we could concur with, but not change, Senate bills with a majority vote. Fortunately, all the House bills had had hearings and were passed by the House prior to becoming an amendment on the Senate bill.  


And just a few of the important bills that were approved: 


   • Restoring fairness to redistricting by establishing an independent 

      commission to redistrict (vetoed by the Governor last summer)


   • Making medication more affordable and capping the price of insulin 

      to $30 a month.


   • Banning police chokeholds and mandating reports of officer 



   • Establishing and raising the minimum wage for New Hampshire 



   • Making sure that all New Hampshire residents can exercise their 

      constitutional rights to vote.


   • Securing support to providers and long-term care facilities impacted by 




These are just a few of the issues we tackled, but some or all of these bills are subject to a Gubernatorial veto.  You may remember that Governor Sununu sold a copy of his veto page of the Family Medical and Family Leave (FMLA) bill at a Republican event.  A Republican bought that veto page and the American flag that flew over the State House the day he vetoed FMLA for $400.  


While the bills we passed on June 30th were important and will support New Hampshire residents, do be aware that they are all subject to a veto.  It really is - all over but the vetoes.  

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